Schum, Pedc Pivotal Factor In Pulau Decision


Today I listened to the KMOG radio talk show that featured Councilman Ray Schum who is a candidate for mayor.

I was somewhat amused by the calls from apparent detractors that questioned Mr. Schum's record and performance as president of the Payson Economic Development Corporation.

As vice president and general manager of Pulau Electronic Corporation, I can attest to Ray Schum's leadership in economic development. The PEDC was very helpful in assisting Pulau Electronics Corporation relocate from Chula Vista, Calif. to Payson in 1998. Prior to the final decision to relocate, I met with Ray and his committee one Saturday morning and their encouragement and assistance was a pivotal factor in our siting in Payson. Throughout the location process and construction of our new facility Ray and the PEDC were there for us to remove road blocks and help.

Pulau Electronics Corporation is a good corporate citizen and provides several well-paying jobs with benefits in Payson.

Pulau appreciates the efforts of Ray Schum and the PEDC.

Sam Baker, V.P. and General Manager, Pulau Electronics Corporation

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