Hunting Trips With Father Among Fondest Memories


I have just read the paper and cannot believe what I've read. Someone (in a Dec. 28, 1999, letter to the editor) has compared youth hunting to youths killing people.

The letter, written by the DeCiccos, is so far off that they must have come to our community from a crime-infested city.

I am a native of Arizona and was raised by hunting parents. Some of my fondest memories are of hunting with my father and older brother.

I am a father to four young boys. My oldest son is of hunting age and recently participated in a juniors-only elk hunt.

It sounds like the authors of the letter that I am responding to have no idea what hunting is about. It is not about killing animals. Hunters know that once you pull the trigger, the hunt is over. Hunting is not about guns either. Children of hunters learn gun safety, respect for the environment, and yes, respect for the animals.

If the authors are disgusted by pictures of young hunters and their trophies, they should go to a slaughter house and see how all the beef, pork and chicken they eat from the supermarket is killed.

Yes, these are animals that do no harm, cannot protect themselves and live in horrible conditions until they meet their doom to go on your dinner plate.

I don't think I can convince anti-hunters that there are benefits to raising children to be hunters. In my opinion, young hunters will make better adults than the children of anti-hunters, who might never learn gun safety, respect for wildlife or how to enjoy the great outdoors.

I've been to Disneyland, Sea World and lots of places all over the world, but my favorite memories are of my hunting trips with my family.

Please continue to show young hunters and their trophies. Many of my friends and family (members) enjoy seeing youngsters in a positive way.

Ty Goodman, Payson

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