Steps Should Be Taken To Clean Up Our Air


One factor that attracted many of us to Payson was the clean air. Often we have beautiful air, but winter mornings are deplorable. Even the casual observer can pinpoint the source as chimneys.

Ah, the fragrant aroma of burning wood. Fragrant and pleasant until it overpowers our morning and evening air, filling our town with a gray smelly haze.

What can we do? Many people on fixed incomes depend upon comparatively low-priced firewood as their primary heat source. For many, that's the only heat source they have. These people have established this heating method and should, as long as possible, be allowed to persevere.

I have two recommendations to prevent the problem from worsening.

First, place a moratorium on using wood as a primary heat source on all new construction. Wood-burning stoves or fireplaces would be allowed, but only if an alternative, clean system adequate to handle 100 percent of the (home's) heating needs also is installed.

Second, all existing wood heating systems may (remain in use) until the dwelling is sold or put up for rent. At that time, a new primary heating system capable of meeting 100 percent of the (home's) heating needs would have to be installed.

These ideas positively address the current noxious situation without unduly penalizing current residents. Ultimately, it will help us through the benefits of better health from breathing cleaner air.

David L. Reisdorf, Payson

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