Thank You, America, For Being Y2k-Ok


Apprehension, excitement, worry and wonder were all part of this year's holiday season as we watched the clock creep toward the year 2000.

Despite all our preparation and prayers, no one really knew what the dawn of this new century would bring.

Concerns over computer glitches, terrorism, rioting and food shortages fueled our fears as we stepped out of the 20th century.

Now the clock has turned and the sun is shining. And while some computer forecasters say there still may be a few Y2K storm clouds in our future, for the most part we have weathered well the historic leap.

The question has been asked if all the Y2K preparation was worth it.

We believe it was.

If even for a brief time, the Y2K scare made the whole world take a close look at how much we rely on computers. It also caused us to reflect on things we may have taken for granted -- water from the faucet, food from the grocery store, electricity from the wall outlet and warm, safe homes.

We are truly blessed to live in a land of peace, innovation and medical miracles. Even our worst days can pale in comparison to the trials and tribulations many of our ancestors had to endure.

It would be well for us to pause our busy lives and thank our maker. We should also take a moment to recognize all the Rim country residents who worked so hard to make the transition go smoothly.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the business owners, bankers, service providers, town staff, grocers, utility workers and countless others who invested their time and resources to be Y2K ready.

Thank you for helping give the new century a successful birth. May we work together to help it grow healthy and strong.

Richard Haddad, Publisher

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