Arena Relocation Coordinator Worth 10 Times His Salary


I applaud your editorial pertaining to the rodeo relocation program that is being spearheaded by Barry Cardinael and recognizing the tremendous effort he has put forth.

When this whole program began, optimism was high and those who originated the process felt it could be done at no cost to the Town of Payson. Soon after the project started in earnest, it became apparent that a full-time coordinator was needed to guide this process. That person became Mr. Cardinael.

As your editorial correctly stated, he put his heart and soul into making the multievent center happen. True, he may have "come up short" from this original goal, but make no mistake about it, the end result is worth 10 times what he was paid.

Unfortunately, some narrow-minded individuals in this community fail to see the true dollar value of the assets the town has received as a direct result of Mr. Cardinael's work. A few have even written to the Roundup suggesting the town funds spent were wasted. From a financial perspective, the multievent center is a bargain, and anyone who cannot understand that needs to take a refresher course in Finance 101.

Patrick Willis, Payson

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