Council To Pick Project Priorities


Christmas is over, but Payson Town councilmembers are still working on their wish lists.

Councilmembers will decide Thursday which town projects and policies will get priority this year.

The town brought in a consultant last month to help councilmembers and department heads rough out a strategic plan for getting things done. The finalized plan will go into effect in July.

"Tim Enster, Glendale deputy city manager, facilitated that meeting," Town Manager Rich Underkofler said. "We felt it was appropriate to go to an outside consultant to help us with this process. The argument (for using a consultant) is that sometimes, we can't see the forest for the trees."

The council will try to prioritize a list of 13 policies and projects during its Jan. 13 workstudy meeting.

Those objectives are as follows:

  • Build a new library;
  • Focus on water resource management and development;

• Maintain a strong growth management policy;

• Reaffirm fiscal policies to maintain solvency;

• Consider ways to mitigate the burden of taxes and user charges on low-income residents;

• Fund capital improvement plans for streets and roads;

• Fund capital improvement plans for parks;

• Tap volunteer resources;

  • Enhance customer service;
  • Improve the new rodeo grounds;
  • Implement mandatory refuse collection and recycling;

• Support affordable housing;

  • Support Green Valley Redevelopment District effort;

• Fund fire protection and emergency medical services;

• Re-evaluate employee compensation.

"The council will, of course, be allowed to add whatever else they'd like to at the workstudy," Underkofler said, "but only those items that they've reached a consensus on will make it to the final strategic plan."

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