Hunting Teaches Young People Morals, Integrity


In response to the (letter) "Photos of young hunters and their kills disgusting," first and foremost, if you don't like the pictures, then don't look at them.

Second of all, I, for one, am an avid outdoorsman, and it is obvious that you do not understand the concept of "hunting." Not only does it teach a young person, morals, adversity and integrity, but also serves as a reward, when that child and his/her family sit down to a nice warm meal, not a Big Mac or a Whopper, but a meal in which he/she worked so very hard to earn.

Hunting does not teach you to kill. It teaches you one of the most valuable lessons in life. A young person that has been around guns and hunting is not the one running around the schoolyard killing classmates.

Rob Neuman, Strawberry

Take care, council, and don't chase this theater away

Once again, it appears that a movie theater is a real possibility for Payson.

We have no vested interest in the project, no hidden agenda, and, in fact, are not even big film fans.

We do recognize, however, that an entertainment/recreational facility such as a movie theater is sorely needed in our community, especially for young people and younger families who do not have the time or resources to travel to the Valley whenever they would like an evening out to see a movie.

We urge (the members of our) town council not to drag their feet, throw up road blocks and erect obstacles to this project in their business-as-usual fashion, and instead work in a spirit of cooperation with C & H Properties to expedite the opening of the proposed theater before this developer also loses interest.

Len and Carol Zebb, Payson

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