New College A Beacon For Success


A golden thread has been woven into the fabric and future of Payson.

The new Eastern Arizona College campus is finally complete.

Standing proud among 56 acres of Rim country pine trees, the new campus will bring more wealth to our community than Chaparral Pines and The Rim Club golf communities combined.

Not the wealth of Wall Street, but the wealth of knowledge -- riches that cannot be stolen by thieves nor lost in a stock market crash.

The community college is more than a building, it is a destination of opportunity. It is a place where hope is harvested and given to students of all ages. Our young people can now choose to stay near family and friends while beginning their college educations. Working parents can take classes to expand their careers, complete their degrees and improve their lives. Senior citizens can step back into the classroom to learn new things or just to feel young again.

The new classrooms are not bound by walls, limited by numbers of teachers or distance. Because of modern-day technology, a student at EAC's Payson campus can participate in classes conducted in Flagstaff from Northern Arizona University. This brings a world of possibilities right into our own backyard.

With the completion of a defining structure, the EAC campus will no longer sit in obscurity in a corner of our community. The school will develop a strong identity and act as a beacon to attract more students, better teachers and those who love to learn.

And it most certainly will play a key role in an exciting new chapter of our history.

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