Artist Makes National Splash With 'Mystic Waters'


Doug Hamm, a Roosevelt resident who has been a professional photographer for 33 years, was recently chosen from among 30 photographers to represent the online art market Web site,, in a national advertising campaign.

One of his pieces, a photograph of Fern Springs in Yosemite, was chosen from among 5,000 pieces currently on the Web site to represent the online art market site in a full-page, four-color national ad that appeared in the October/November issue of Travel and Leisure Magazine.

"That's the kind of advertising an individual could never afford to do," Hamm said, "and I was so fortunate to be chosen as part of the campaign. The response has been very positive."

Across Hamm's photograph, "Mystic Waters," are written the words, "Not available at a store near you." That's because the photograph, like his other pieces on the Web site, and the work of artists around the world, is not for sale at any store or gallery, but through the e-commerce art market.

As a photographer, Hamm apprenticed under well-known nature photographer Ansel Adams. He described the photograph, "Mystic Waters," as a series of images within images. Images of Christ, a hawk, a wolf and an Indian warrior can all be seen in this one photograph.

He currently has his work on display at the Punkin Center Restaurant and at Punkin Center Baptist Church.

He was contacted by the online marketing company in August 1998 and was informed that he was selected from a long list of artists from around the world. went online in April 1999 and three of Hamm's photographs were included: "Mystic Waters," "Night Watcher," and "Century Plant."

Hamm was recently asked to add 10 more photographs to the site.

"Mystic Waters" is available in a limited edition. Only 50 prints were made.

"And they can always order through me," Hamm said. For information on Hamm's color photography, call him at 520-467-2866 or see his work on the Internet at

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