Relocation Coordinator Defends Performance


by Barry Cardinael
rodeo relocation coordinator
Recently I have been criticized on a number of issues regarding my work on the new multievent center. From my perspective, I offer these thoughts.

There are two opposing groups and standards by which my performance is being judged. The first group judges me solely by a contractual standard, based upon their interpretation of the performance goals written into my original contract and takes nothing else into account.

The second group judges my performance by a standard that examines what has been accomplished and takes into account the challenges presented by ever changing realities.

Most of those in the second group are aware of what actually has been accomplished.

Nearly $250,000 in cash was raised during the past two years as a direct result of my efforts.

Approximately $325,000 in savings for the town was realized as a result of my coordinating volunteer labor, materials donations, professional services, and purchasing discounts.

As in most construction projects, almost every single aspect of the original development plan was modified in some way for the betterment of the facility. This included the addition of approximately 4.5 acres of usable space that was cleared or land-filled and added to the original plan for additional parking and event production space. Today, the goal, which has been for more than a dozen years to utilize the land for public assembly use, is finally becoming a reality.

To the first group, I apologize for your disappointment. To the second group, which supported both myself and the project, again I say "thank you." Without your help and support, little or none of what is now coming to fruition would have occurred.

In the final analysis, when the relocation is complete and the event center is opened, what will really matter is that the work will have been done correctly and at a cost that is proportionately small to the scope of the project.

My hope is that someday everyone in Payson, both my supporters and critics, will enjoy a concert, an art fair, a car show, a rodeo, or some other event at the new center, and ultimately be proud of what we have accomplished as a community.

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