Suburban Lifestyle Perhaps More Suitable For Squeamish Couple


I read with sadness the letter to you from a couple that found it disgusting that you would show pictures of young hunters with their harvest.

It is probably of little consolation to them that they themselves contribute to the death of any number of God's creatures each time they stop in a market, restaurant, or fast-food establishment to satisfy their hunger pangs.

So sad that there are people who still cannot accept that in order for them to eat, one of God's creations must succumb. Hunting is a centuries-old way of putting food on the table, and in a rural area such as we live in, that tradition is still practiced. As it should be.

For the DeCiccio's, might I recommend a move to a more suburban area where all the "dirty deeds" are done for you somewhere else and you only have to prepare the final product in your kitchen. It's much cleaner and neater for those who are squeamish about doing for themselves, yet conveniently pay others to do it for them.

Ron Hamric, Pine

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