Hunting Protests Often Herald Sneak Attacks On Second Amendment


A wake-up call.
To my friends who are hunters and fishermen, I refer you to a Dec. 28 letter to the editor. The letter expressed the writers' disgust at the Roundup's printing of a photo of a young person with a rifle and his kill featured in a previous sports section.

Some of you have said that an assault on hunting and fishing or on firearms in general could not happen here in Payson. The sport of hunting has been a family tradition in Arizona, a rite of passage for our children, for generations.

I have seen assaults on hunters and fishermen occur in other parts of the country. This is the beginning. Repeated pleas on behalf of a fictional concept of the natural world is how the lie gains credibility.

Note that the writers of the referenced letter state that they are not in favor of gun control, but that they simply cannot understand the killing of innocent animals.

The implication is that they would never think of outlawing your hunting firearms. However, if hunting guns were not outlawed along with those evil assault rifles and handguns, how would this alleged corruption of our youth and the wanton slaughter of wildlife be stopped?

To those of you who have said, "I will not join the N.R.A. or any other lobby group," because of some difference of opinion, I say, "wake up!"

Resolve whatever questions you have had concerning membership and join the fight to educate and to preserve the right to own and bear firearms before it is too late.

Ronald P. Haar

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