Insurance Clerk Charged With Theft


Misty Dawn Murphy will be arraigned in Gila County Superior Court next Wednesday on a charge of felony theft.

Murphy, 26, was charged for allegedly taking $4,000 from her employer Ted Pettet State Farm Insurance Agency.

During an investigation, which began Nov. 5, Payson police detectives discovered that money was missing from several of the company's bank deposits, Det. Chris Haack said.

As a licensed office representative, Murphy was responsible for handling cash and checks and making daily bank deposits, agency owner Ted Pettet said.

"The one instance that is most essential to the case was a deposit that was made on Oct. 21," Haack said. "The total of that deposit was supposed to be $2,748.32, with $1,120.74 of that amount in cash. When Misty made the deposit, she altered the slip to indicate that there was only checks and just absconded with the cash."

When Murphy was brought in for questioning, she "basically admitted to taking the money from the deposit," Haack said. "In my interview, I said to her 'Clearly, you can see that anybody who looks at this deposit slip will be able to tell what happened here. Clearly, don't you see that? You took it, didn't you?' And, she said 'yes.'"

Haack said the investigation shows a total loss to the business of $4,034.49, although Murphy has not admitted to taking the rest of the missing money.

Haack said a formal complaint was filed against Murphy Nov. 19, and her preliminary hearing was scheduled for Jan. 4. At that time, Murphy waived her preliminary hearing, and is now scheduled to appear for an arraignment hearing at 1:30 Jan. 19 in Superior Court.

Murphy declined to comment on the charges, and her attorney, Dennis McCarthy, could not be reached for comment.

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