Taxpayers come through with Credit for Kids


by Myndi Brogdon
Credit for Kids supporters -- wow!

Thank you to all the taxpayers who passed along some of their state income tax to the children of Pine-Strawberry School. A whopping $57,760 -- about $200 per student -- was earmarked for extracurricular school activities. The teachers and staff members and Pine-Strawberry School apply for Credit for Kids money much like they would for a grant. They write written proposals that show how their good ideas will benefit the school's students, and they submit them to the governing board. The board then decides who gets funding.

Last year, the board was able to fund all applications due to the same community generosity we've seen this year.

New athletic uniforms, new instruments and band uniforms, and a possible baseball field are some of the good things we can use the money for. What new ideas will we come up with this year?

Pine-Strawberry Promenaders

I must apologize to my square friends for leaving them out of the annual "things to do" column.

The Pine-Strawberry Promenaders meet at 7 p.m. every Thursday in the Pine-Strawberry School cafeteria. Beginners are always welcome, and the first couple of lessons are free. After that there's a nominal charge to help with the room rental. Come and see for yourself -- its hip to be square. For more information, call Carl and Connie Stiffler at 476-4935.

As I write this, I don't know if the community's first emergency siren test will go off with or without a hitch. I can only hope that everyone who reads this will remember to tune to KMOG 1420 every time they hear the siren blast.

There are five sirens in all -- three are in Pine and two are in Strawberry. These sirens can be sounded individually, in groups or all at once. Testing times are tentatively set for 11: 55 a.m. the first Saturday of each month. Let your weekend friends and summer neighbors know about this.

The Pine-Strawberry Emergency Preparedness Task Force will mail out a detailed brochure in the Pine-Strawberry Improvement Association's next general mailing, which is slated for sometime in March. Otherwise, brochures will be available in many local businesses and, of course, at the Fire Department on Hardscrabble Road.

I am always looking for column material. If you have a bit of unusual news or a funny story, call me. If you or your group or organization has an upcoming event or a noteworthy accomplishment, share it with me so I can share it with our readers. Has someone done something outstanding? Let me know. I can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 476-2500.

Thanks for reading.

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