High School Musicians Counting On Cash Cow


Bingo! You could win $2,500 if a cow marks your square on the high school football field during the Payson High School Music Boosters' Cow Chip Bingo.

Teresa McDermott, who is coordinating the fund-raiser, said she got the idea while she was watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

One of the bands in the parade had raised money for its trip to New York City by selling squares on a field and having a cow decide the winner.

The parade commentator talked about the fund-raiser and McDermott, who's president of the Music Boosters, figured it would be an easy, fun way to raise money for the band and choir here.

"I calculated our profits at $8,500," she said. "We will be donating that to the (high school) band and choir for their California trip in March.

"It fits Payson very well -- we've got cowboys and cows."

McDermott said she and others with the Music Boosters will begin selling numbered spaces on the field in February. The event will be held as soon as all the spaces are sold and the group gets a cow.

McDermott said band director Larry Potvin has volunteered to clean up whatever the cow leaves behind.

PHS Music Boosters will be selling the spaces in front of Safeway, Bashas' and Wal-Mart on weekends until the spaces are sold.

"We'll be painting lines and numbers of spaces on the field," McDermott said.

Students who are going on the trip need $400 each.

"We'd like the band and choir -- all 70 members -- to go to Southern California," she said. "It's a combination of Universal Studios and Disneyland and music clinics at Disneyland.

"If we get enough kids to go, we'll be performing at Disneyland. It should be the opportunity of a lifetime. It should be wonderful for the kids."

Tickets will be $5 a piece for each of the 2,200 spaces on the field. If the cow chip lands on two spaces, the money will be split between the two space holders. If the money lands in the center of four corners, the money will be split four ways.

Sponsors will only pay of the first mark

No one under the age of 18 can participate or sell the tickets.

"Children will not be involved at all," she said. "It will be strictly the PHS Music Boosters."

For more information, or to buy a space for Cow Chip Bingo, call McDermott and 472-8784.

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