Students Should Decide How To Spend Tax Credit Money


I have a comment about an article in the Jan. 11 newspaper regarding taxpayers pitching in for local students. I am a student at Rim Country Middle School and I don't know of any extra programs besides school sports or of any funding.

The students and I have voted on what to do with any funds received, and we came up with after-school programs. One problem is that we will probably not fully utilize these programs.

The town needs a library and RCMS needs several improvements. I hope we will be able to send some of the taxpayers' money to those (projects).

The students should be able to vote on what to do with any discretionary funds. We appreciate the town for putting in the skate park, but we need something else. Please listen to us. We want to be a part of this wonderful community, and participate in more activities.

I hope that when we are given future voting ballots that our parents and the town will agree to our voting results. We hope that the principal and/or the superintendent are sincerely listening to our concerns as well.

Most of my classes don't have adequate books. Often times we have to share books. Our teachers cannot obtain teaching supplies like color pencils or markers. More often than not, students will supply the teachers the materials needed to teach class.

I feel that this is not very good, and any future monies should go toward school supplies and increase the teachers' salaries. On a side note, whatever happened to the educational funds generated by the lottery?

Candice Durbin, Payson

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