Bank Backs Literacy Program


When Richie Crockett, manager of the local Bank of America office, stopped by the Rim Country Literacy Council's regular meeting Tuesday, council representatives had no idea he had more than $5,000 in his pocket for the literacy program.

They thought he was there to give them $340 as their share of the Fiesta Bowl Duck Race event.

Instead, he gave them $5,341 -- $5,000 from a surprise Bank of America grant, $340 from the duck race and $1 donated by a resident who didn't want to buy a duck race ticket.

The Bank of America sets aside money for education, Crockett said, and he was asked to nominate a local group for the award. He said he had just made a presentation to the members of the Rim Country Literary Council and it was an easy decision to name the literacy program for the grant.

Barbara Rodeck, president of the council, said she has no idea what the group will do with the money.

"We're just sort of floored right now," she said.

But Lois Johnson, another member, said, "This will be used for resource material to support our student-tutor teams."

On the table was a sampling of some of the material the student-tutor teams use. More will be added, she said.

The council currently sponsors 25 tutors who are helping 27 students hone their reading and writing skills. Six others are learning English as a second language.

Any contributions to the literacy program are tax-deductible. Anyone who would like to contribute or learn more about tutoring or participating in the program can call the Rim Country Literary Council at 474-2585. Volunteers also are needed to help with fund-raising, publicity and networking.

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