Candidates Urged To Take The High Road

The mudslinging has begun.


Word on the street is that some local candidate supporters are indulging in the counterproductive practice of muckraking to give their candidates an edge during Payson's council and mayoral elections this March.

It's easy enough to attack a man or woman's character -- to bandy about nasty remarks that stain his or her reputation -- but to what end?

The only thing to be gained by a successful slander campaign is a seat on the dais and a target on your candidate's back. These people must live here even after the election, and if they are embattled from the beginning, they are not likely to be effective.

The mudslinging just clouds the issues, and Payson has some very important issues at hand.

What, for example, will your candidate do to make sure Payson gets a new library building? Will your candidate make fixing our broken and narrow streets a priority? Does your candidate believe government should partner with developers to provide residents with affordable housing?

What's their vision for Payson -- Retirement haven? Bustling business center? Tourist destination?

How will they handle growth and development? Do they want to put the brakes on? Do they want to pick up the pace? Do they have a plan to recruit high-paying businesses to town?

Will they aggressively pursue water development projects to prepare the town for the future?

The answers to some of those questions can be found in a special election section of today's Roundup on pages 6A and 7A.

And for those leading the charge on the grumbling grapevine, here's one last thought:

Instead of spreading mindless and hurtful gossip, how about talking about the positive views your candidate holds. How about telling people about the platform your candidate stands on, and let the voters decide who's the best person for office.

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