Father And Son Enjoy The Great Outdoors


Success for 19-year-old Payson High School student Tim Meeske is not limited to his achievements in Special Olympics, where he has long been a Rim country standout.

The youngster is also an accomplished fisherman and hunter who anxiously looks forward to the time he and his father Ernie spend alone together in the wilderness.

The most recent hunting outing for the father-son team was a December hunt in Unit 22. During the adventure, Tim downed a nice-sized 5x5 bull elk.

But it wasn't his first big game animal. About four years ago Tim bagged a cow elk in Unit 22.

"It's a lot of fun," Tim said.

The feeling is shared by his father --a retired DPS officer.

"We truly enjoy hunting together," he said.

Tim's mother, Judy, said the two spend as much time in the wild as their schedules will permit. "They go out at least four or five times a month."

The Meeske's favorite fishing spot, Judy said, is Roosevelt, where they enjoy angling for just about any species the lake yields.

Also to Tim's credit are three javelina which he's taken over the past three years.

After each outing, Ernie marvels at his son's hunting expertise. "He has a disability, but he's an excellent marksman."

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