Rabies Clinic Saturday


Gila County rabies control officers will host a rabies clinic at their office on West Frontier Saturday, following the death of two dogs and a bobcat in Tonto Basin earlier this month

Officer Ty Goodman said the bobcat crept into a yard behind the Punkin Center Bar Jan. 3 and started fighting with the two dogs there. A neighbor heard the scuffle and shot the bobcat.

When tested, the bobcat was found to be rabid.

"Both dogs had to be put down because they didn't have their rabies shots," Goodman said.

To prevent the spread of rabies in northern Gila County, pet owners are encouraged to make sure their animals' rabies shots are current.

Rabies vaccinations will be available at a reduced rate from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at 107 W. Frontier Street, in cooperation with Dr. Alan Hallman's Star Valley Veterinary Clinic. Shots are $8 per pet.

Residents living outside town limits also must have a county license for their dogs. According to state law, all dogs four months or older must be licensed in its county of residence. License fees are $7 for spayed or neutered dogs, or $15 for unaltered pets.

For more information about the rabies control clinic, call 474-1210.

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