Residents Near Rodeo Arena Grateful For Coordinator's Efforts


In response to (Payson Town Council candidate) Ruby Finney: I was appalled at your comments against Mr. Cardinael. Were you aware you were not only heard in person, but broadcast on channel 7 TV, and now your comments are in the Roundup.

I don't know where you live, but those of us who are in hearing and smelling distance of the rodeo grounds have been thrilled with his accomplishments.

The rodeo grounds get so mosquito infested, feces infested, plus mice running around after every rodeo, we have been waiting five years to get it moved. Bless you Mr. Cardinael for all your hard work. Had it not been for you, we who live within a mile radius would still be waiting for the bleachers, etc. to get moved.

How about showing a bit of compassion and Christian love toward the only man who has courage and stamina enough to put up with the complaining and whining of those who have no forward thinking.

Maybe you will get some votes, but certainly not ours.

David and Ruth Wallace, Payson

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