Town Should Provide More Activities For Teens


I am 14 years old. I have lived in Payson for 10 years and have not seen any improvement with any activity for our youth.

Talking to older people, they would say: "Well, when I was your age, we didn't have computers, Nintendos, televisions and VCRs to keep us busy. We would go play kick the can in the backyard and hide and seek in the front. At nighttime, if we were lucky, Pa would let us listen to the radio."

They are right, but that was in the '50s, because nowadays, we do have computers and Nintendos and TVs to keep us occupied. We are now in a period where us kids are spoiled, and personally, I enjoy having technology to use.

They tell me to go ride a bike or go for a hike or go catch a fish, and the problem is, that in the year 2000, we have grown used to the idea of teenagers having fun things we can do.

For instance, in Phoenix, instead of going for a bike ride, one might go to the mall and hang with friends, or instead of going to catch a fish, one might decide to go and catch the two o'clock matinee instead.

Young people need things to do instead of sitting at home and wasting their time watching television. I know that Payson is a small town, and I think Paysonites intend to keep it that way.

But instead of the town wasting its money on anther gas station, or another fast food restaurant, maybe it could try to do something for us.

The theater is an awesome idea, but what if it doesn't happen, just like the other one. The skate park was a great idea, but it got old fast and we need more. Young people need things to do and keep us out of trouble. Does anyone agree? Thanks.

Lindsay Lashbrook, Payson

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