Town Should Put Its Money Where Its Worst Streets Are


Hooray for George Henry in Jan. 14 mail call!

If the town council and LaRon Garret would listen to the people of this town, you would hear the main concern and priority of the people is better streets and sidewalks.

They are so focused on Main Street redevelopment they have forgotten the rest of the town.

I live on St. Phillips Street, and let me agree with Mr. Henry. St. Phillips and Bentley are the most traveled streets. The cars race down the streets at very high speeds. I saw an older man, who was trying to ride his bike, forced in the ditch by cars whizzing by. Our cat was run over right in front of our house by a speeder. Children are barely missed by cars as they hug the road while they walk to and from school. Not only do we need these roads re-evaluated, we also need another outlet for them.

A year and a half ago when we moved here we were told that Mudsprings Road would be put through to Granite Dells Road to help with the abundance of traffic and buses to Frontier School. Recently, Mr. Garrett said that was put on the back burner. Why?

Stop delaying and do something. I urge Mr. Garrett to install a traffic counter on St. Phillips Street. You will find that several thousands of cars travel this road daily during the week. We need action! I encourage anyone agreeing with these problems to write or call our paper and our council.

Shelley Wayland, Payson

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