Counselor Impostor Interferes With Local Domestic Violence Case


A woman misrepresenting herself as a legal advocate for the Time Out Domestic Violence Shelter has put one woman in a legal bind, and prompted Time Out officials to remind the community that only shelter employees provide clients with legal advice.

"I received a call from a young woman who has to go to court," Time Out Director Darlene Curlee said.

The woman had been counseled by an individual who was unable to do the paperwork involved with the court procedure, she said. The self-described counselor then told the young woman to go to Legal Aid.

Curlee said the young woman is in a bind because Legal Aid isn't available and her court case is scheduled for Friday (today).

Curlee said Wednesday that the shelter's legal advocates have stepped in to help and are trying to get the woman's court case postponed.

"We have two legal advocates, not the woman who was working with the (young woman)," Curlee said. "We don't have any volunteers who work with clients at all. It's strictly staff employed by the Time Out Shelter and they are trained."

Although the so-called counselor misrepresented herself, she didn't try to collect money for her services, Curlee said.

People who are in need of legal counseling or may have been contacted by the woman misrepresenting herself as a Time Out legal advocate, can call Curlee at 472-8007.

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