Hayworth 'Merely A Replaceable Agent'


Thursday, Jan. 20 was an historic day. Unprecedented, Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC), chairman, United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, addressed the United Nations Security Council in New York City.

A great many politicians and journalists prefer not to inform the public in any detail of the activities of the U.N. and its delegates' increasingly absurd demands to control and dictate laws of sovereign nations.

Ineffectual and inefficient, the U.N. has not balanced its financial books in all the years since its creation. Having warned it to account for expenditures -- to no avail -- the U.S. has withheld its dues. We are threatened with the loss of a vote.

Moreover, the U.N. would have us believe that its armed forces should be allowed to intervene on U.S. soil in the event of what it deems civil unrest. Among other things, it wants gun confiscation, which is protected by the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

According to Senator Helms and the U.S. Government Accounting Office, "Last year, the American people contributed a total of more than $1.4 billion to the U.N. system in assessments and voluntary contributions."

In addition, American taxpayers spent more than $8.7 billion to support various U.N. resolutions and peacekeeping operations around the world -- money taken from our military budget.

I think taxpayers, constituents, and U.S.citizens have a right and a duty to publicly confront any legislator, in this case Rep. J.D. Hayworth, when it is revealed that he voted to continue funding the U.N. (H.R. 2415), as I did at the American Legion on Jan. 20.

Rep. Hayworth obviously did not want to discuss this issue after he made a quick agreement that he did indeed vote to keep up funding of the U.N. He then refused to take any more questions or comments relating to this matter, interrupting me for the second time, as soon as I had uttered the words, "gun confiscation."

Rep. Hayworth works with Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, who has declared himself a "one world globalist." Evidently, Rep. Hayworth needs to be reminded that he is generously paid to work for the citizens of Arizona's 6th district.

We are his employer. He is merely a replaceable agent.

Patricia Parker, Payson

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