Mclane Remains The Same


Despite recommendations from town staff to take a different route, the Payson Town Council has decided to leave McLane Road right where it is.

A __-mile section of McLane Road --from Main Street to Goodfellow Road --includes a number of curves and blind intersections. In March, the council told town staff to come up with a plan to redesign the road for the safety of local motorists.

Town engineer LaRon Garrett presented the council with three plans last week to redesign or relocate that section of road to improve visibility and safety.

The first alternative --the recommended plan by town staff --provided the most direct route from Cherry Street to Rim View Road at a cost of $658,762.

The second route was similar to the first, but included a few more curves to increase the length and reduce the steepness of the road. The cost: $684,198.

Speaking as a private resident, Payson Public Works Director Buzz Walker told the council that he owns three lots needed to realign the road, but he would sell them to the town to straighten McLane.

In the end, however, the council opted for the third and least expensive alternative --an improvement plan that will maintain the uniqueness of the old Payson roadway, Mayor Vern Stiffler said.

According to the finalized plan, the road will follow its present route, but will be widened in spots, and intersecting streets will be redesigned to meet McLane at 90-degree angles. The cost: $375,546.

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