Concern Over Affordable Housing Project Near Airport A 'Fairy Tale'


It is heart warming to see the Roundup editorial staff support the affordable housing that has been presented to Town Hall. Payson is in danger of supporting a two-class society the have and have nots.

Town Hall cannot, in all conscience, give the go-ahead for another gated community along Tyler Parkway and deny the building of affordable housing northwest of the airport. Two-bedroom homes are a drag on the market and four-bedroom homes are not really necessary.

There is a ploy by members of the airport committee to change the airport traffic control pattern to a right-hand traffic pattern so that aircraft will fly over the new affordable housing development. There's no reason to change the traffic pattern.

The present left-hand pattern altitude is 6,100 mean sea level. That elevation is 944 feet above ground level of the airport runway and puts the aircraft 1,000 feet above ground level or more over the Payson basin and the "downtown" and residential area of the town.

Neither a right- nor left-hand traffic pattern will stop complaints from residents living in the landing path or best approach to landing on the southwest runway.

Affordable housing near the airpark will not affect the value of homes in the airpark housing area since those homes are specialty homes with "T" hangars attached to the homes. Only aircraft owners would be interested in buying such a home.

The "concern" over the loss of the airport due to residential complaints is a fairy tale. It has happened in some areas of the country, but the present airport is the landing strip Payson has had over the years. It is not about to be abandoned.

Furthermore, light plane flying is experiencing a major decline across the country. Arizona, however, has remained rather stable because of its ideal flying weather and high-paying jobs.

A plus to having the affordable housing community is the possible reduction of the overpriced mobile homes for sale in Payson at the present time. Such a reduction will allow the offering of low-priced housing for less fortunate families.

Dave Engleman


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