Gun Owners Tout Rights And Responsibility


As I am considering relocating to Payson, I have been following the community via the Internet version of the Payson Roundup.

Shannon's law, SB 1307, recently enacted in Arizona and taking effect July 18, 2000, which raises the classification and penalty for careless discharging of firearms within city limits, is the kind of law which is endorsed, not "misinterpreted," by responsible gun enthusiasts.

Your editorial on the July 3, 2000, Internet version of "Our View" was not only cynical, but erroneous, in taking the position that "a new Arizona gun law will take effect that some gun owners will misinterpret as another attempt to pirate their Second Amendment rights." Most gun owners consistently tout not only their "rights" with regard to gun ownership, but their "responsibilities" also. Those responsibilities include proper punishment for the illegal and improper use of firearms.

It is proper, of course, for your newspaper to adopt an editorial stance with respect to guns, gun control, and gun laws. At the same time, it is patently irresponsible to arbitrarily assign dark speculations to the positions of gun enthusiasts.

James J. Johann

North Canton, Ohio

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