Define 'Affordable'


Regarding June 27, Our View, Affordable Housing.

Affordable to whom? I haven't noticed in any of your articles so far what Mr. Broce is calling affordable. I have lived in a town where a builder got "affordable housing" passed through the town commissioners, removed 75 mobile homes that were occupied by "the guy who bagged my groceries, my favorite waitress, the store clerk who was helpful, and school teachers."

A year or so later, he finally started on the affordable housing. The condominiums start at $180,000 and the homes at $200,000.

Come on, fess up! What are the affordable houses going to go for?

L.D. Boynton, Payson

Editor's note: The tentative starting price for homes in the proposed Mountainaire subdivision is $80,000, as was reported in Tuesday's issue of the Roundup.

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