Price-Matching Could End Competition


It is nice that Wal-Mart will price-match competitors' ads. Taking advantage of this service may be convenient, but it will definitely take sales away from the other stores.

I am wondering about the possibility of losing our other grocery stores due to lack of business. It is highly unlikely that these stores will be put out of business, but there is always that possibility.

Wal-Mart carries many products, but there are still a few things from the other stores that I enjoy more, such as some bakery items and store brands. If these stores downsize or close, we could lose the unique things they have to offer. This would also affect employment in our area. If this should happen, we would lose our choice of where to shop and competitive pricing.

It seems logical to shop all the stores. It may be inconvenient, but if we spread our money around, it will surely ensure our choices for the future. If no one else is wondering about this, perhaps my letter will spark some dinner-time conversations.

Marianne Collins, Payson

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