Take Two Eac Classes And Call Me In The Morning


No matter how young or old we are, learning something new can be exciting and bring a freshness to the routine of our lives.

Inserted inside this edition of the Roundup, you'll find a booklet containing a schedule of classes for the Payson campus of Eastern Arizona College.

Flip through its pages you'll discover classes ranging from anthropology and art to math, science and business. You can take a class in U.S. history or learn to speak a new language. Perhaps you want to prepare for a new career in health care, or maybe you just want to take a course on telescopes to learn more about the stars you gaze up at on a clear Payson night. You might even be able to convince your spouse to take a Western dance class with you.

When we are learning, our minds stay sharp and our eyes see more clearly the wonderful and fascinating things that surround us. When we are idle in learning, we can feel sluggish, bored or just unmotivated.

Our homes may offer some opportunities for learning with good books, educational television shows or Internet Web sites. But we can also be bombarded with hours of mindless garbage and static information from television shows or Web sites that invite us to waste our time. In a classroom, we break free of our living rooms and interact with fellow students and teachers. Inside the campus atmosphere of learning, we can better plug in to the power of knowledge.

Registration for classes at EAC is going on now for the fall 2000 semester, which begins August 21. For more information, call (520) 474-2224 or e-mail cochran@eac.cc.az.us. You can enroll online at "easternarizona.com."

Take a moment now and see if there is a class waiting for you it may be just what the doctor ordered.

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