Greenbelt Clean-Up An Investment In A Safe Future


In rebuttal to Lucinda Campbell's guest comment dated July, 7, 2000:

It seems as though some observations might be appropriate in defense of the greenbelt clean-up.

First, let it be noted that Arizona has some wonderful residents with good environmental interests.

Arizona has numerous superb agencies that all work together to keep those who reside in the area healthy, happy and protected, along with that of the natural environment. It's been said that there has to be a balance. We have to give a little in the present to reap a safe future.

Please excuse me for including this short story. It's about a Girl Scout who was doing some community service in a hospital years ago.

For some reason, a young patient became the object of the Scout's attention. The little girl was a burn victim with injuries over 50 percent of her body and didn't seem to be responding to the treatments the staff was administering each day. Plus, there was a problem of the terrible pain associated with the changing of bandages. But tons of love were poured out by God, the Girl Scout and, of course, the hospital staff. After a while, the sweet girl made a strong and steady recovery. It was a good lesson about burn victims for everyone involved.

Recently, another young woman, her husband and their family became new residents of Payson North. Having moved down from Pine a couple of months ago, they settled in and family life resumed. The parents both worked, but the mother found time to give the grandma, also from Payson, a tour of the house and surrounding property. They agreed that the planned clean-up of the greenbelt would be for the best. It was really too dry there for the grandchildren to play and enjoy themselves. Sure didn't want anything similar in the above story to occur again.

Most of the plants and debris were tinder dry a great fire hazard. Therefore, relief was felt after the crew came and safety was the end result.

As an aside, isn't it nice that we, as Americans, can have such different thoughts and beliefs and still occupy the same neighborhood in relative harmony?

Please trust the forestry service and the fire department to make proper judgments. The professionals know, where we residents only feel and react, often times. Then, too, it must be very difficult for an agency to do a job when some people are emotionally tied to the greenbelt.

Also, please have faith that the birds will return as trees and other plants get replaced or renew themselves.

Finally, it is good to keep in mind that Payson is surrounded by a gorgeous national forest. It may be time for those who can to hike on out in it and again be one with nature.

Carol Ladewski-Griffin, Payson

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