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Former TV personality takes leading role in Payson


Kate Linde, who graced television sets in many homes on a CBS affiliate in the Midwest, has now tuned into Payson and taken an active role in the community.

"I always thought that to be on television, you had to start in New York or Los Angeles, but you would be surprised by the size of the market in the Midwest," said Linde, who was raised in Superior, Wis.

From painting and drawing to taking center stage in children's theater productions as a young girl, the arts has always played a large role in Linde's life.

After attending the University of Wisconsin at St. Olaf for two and a half years, Linde married and began her television career.

"Talent comes from different areas," Linde said, "and sometimes it is a short, fat man coming up to you and offering you a job on TV."

That unexpected opportunity helped her develop a "say yes" motto. She was given her own Oprah-style show five days a week, broadcasting in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Canada and covering local affairs live on daytime television.

"We had people (on the show) who did marvelous things," Linde said.

Featuring people ranging from Ice Capades skaters to columnists covering the Watergate scandal, her show encompassed it all.

In 1975, Linde was listed in the Outstanding Young Women of America, a hardback publication presenting a biography on each young woman.

"And I am still amazed," she said.

Unaware of how to make the transition to a larger market and anxious to spend more time raising her two daughters, Linde got out of the media business after nine years, and into the fashion industry, opening her own clothing store.

In 1983, she moved to Denver, where she worked in sales and management in the jewelry industry. She continued working with jewelry when she moved back to Minneapolis in 1989.

In Minneapolis, Linde met her second husband, Chuck Hulse, while she was working as a partner in an art gallery.

It was in Denver, however, that Linde "fell in love with the West."

Payson seemed the natural choice when Linde and Hulse, now married for six years, were looking for a new place to live. The town met his golfing requirements and her desire to live in a beautiful setting.

Linde, nicknamed the energizer bunny by her friends, wasted no time getting involved with the community.

After just seven months in Payson, she is working with a group of women to host a fund-raiser for Whispering Hope Ranch, a place where animals and people come together for healing.

The event will be a day-concert Sept. 9, featuring the music of Randy Sparks, Affinity, the Ink Spots and more. All proceeds will benefit the Whispering Hope Ranch, a cause Linde said she firmly believes in.

Linde has accomplished many things in her 53 years, but she said her greatest feat "is the process of gaining knowledge and wisdom with age.

"It is worth anyone's time and energy," she said. "You don't learn anything when you talk, but if you stop and listen, you gain so much."

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