Shifting Load Smashes Minivan


A load of unsecured PVC pipe slid off a truck's carrying rack Monday on the Beeline Highway and into the back window of a minivan, landing just inches away from two children sleeping in the back seat.

"Very simply, a construction pickup with a pipe rack was heading south on the Beeline," Payson Police Officer Steve Caros said. "In front of him was a minivan. Both were under the speed limit, and as traffic slowed for the stoplight at Bonita, the driver of the pickup truck looked up and saw his load sliding off the rack."

The driver, 24-year-old Henry Doss, slammed on his brakes in an attempt to slow the forward motion of the pipe. The pipes smashed through the rear window of the minivan, stopping just nine inches from the children who were sleeping in the back seat of the minivan.

"I honestly believe the quick reactions of the driver helped avoid what could have been a much more serious disaster," Caros said.

Doss was cited for driving with an unsecure load, the officer said.

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