Payson Swimmers Plunge Competition


Young Jaycee Boll swam her way to the 7-8-year-old age division high-point trophy at the Kingman Invitational swim meet held July 15.

Participating as a member of the Payson swim team, Boll won the 50-meter freestyle and backstroke events, was second in the 50-meter butterfly and seventh in the 200-meter individual medley.

On hand to battle Boll and the six teammates who traveled to Kingman for the competition were teams from Lake Havasu, Parker, Prescott, Sedona, Kingman, Bullhead City, Cottonwood, Flagstaff, Needles, Calif., Boulder City, Nev. and Henderson, Nev.

While that contingent was battling in Kingman, the remaining members of the Payson swim team were in action at Taylor Pool against the Prescott Valley Aquabears.

Results from Payson swimming meets


Amy Buckner 11-12 girls, 18th in 50-meter backstroke, 19th in 50-meter freestyle, 21st in 100-meter freestyle

Shelby Bennett 13-14 girls 3rd in 50-meter freestyle, 4th in 100-meter butterfly, 5th in 200-meter IM, 6th in 100-meter backstroke

Brooke Bennett 15-18 girls, 2nd in 200-meter IM, 2nd in 100-meter backstroke, 3rd in 100-meter butterfly, 4th in 100-meter freestyle

Megan Disbrow 15-18 girls, 6th in 100-meter freestyle, 6th in 100-meter breaststroke, 7th in 50-meter freestyle, 7th in 100-meter freestyle

Reed Hatch 15-18 boys, 3rd in 50-meter freestyle

Tanner Hatch 15-18 boys, 7th in 50-meter freestyle

Medley Relay Team 15-18, 3rd (time 2:29.25) Tanner Hatch backstroke; Megan Disbrow, breaststroke; Brooke Bennett, butterfly; Reed Hatch, freestyle

Prescott Valley

100 yards (M Individual Medley 25 yard of each stroke: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle)

7-8 girls

Alexis Tank, 5th

2nd heat Heather Bomar, 4th; Jordan Hunt, 5th

7-8 boys

Dalton Packer, 1st; Michael Ives, 2nd; Chandler Slyvester, 3rd; Sean Ford, 4th; Willie Conlin, 6th

2nd heat Jerod Schrank, 1st; Skyler Moore, 2nd; Joshua Frewin, 3rd

9-10 girls

Taylor Gravill, 3rd; Allison Judd, 5th

2nd heat Jamie Bilyk, 1st; Lindsay McCandless, 2nd; Sara DeWitt, 3rd

9-10 boys

Tanner Golliglee, 1st; Cody York, 2nd; Nick Ford, 4th

2nd heat Joey Conlin, 5th; Quintin Tank, 6th

11-12 girls

Autumn Staszak, 1st; Monigue Heppler, 2nd; Brianna Quinlan, 3rd; Jadyn Walden, 4th; Melissa Garrett, 5th

11-12 boys

Christopher Bilyk, 1st; Chris Carroll, 2nd

15-18 girls

Alicia Higginbotham, 4th

6 and under girls 25 yards

Emily Judd, 1st (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle); Lauren Galhotra, 2nd (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle)

6 and under boys 25 yards

Cameron Romance, 1st (backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle); Kyler Cord, 1st (butterfly) Cody Crisp, 2nd (backstroke); Colton Needles, 3rd (backstroke and freestyle)

7-8 girls 25 yards

Hannah Eaton, 1st (backstroke and breaststroke); Heather Bomar, 1st (freestyle); Jordan Hunt, 1st (butterfly); Ciara Romance, 2nd (backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle); Alexis Tank, 1st (2nd heat, backstroke); Rebecca Branstetter, 2nd (2nd heat, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle); Kaylee Cobo, 3rd (2nd heat backstroke, breaststroke)

7-8 boys 25 yards

Sean Ford, 1st (freestyle); Michael Ives, 1st (backstroke); Dalton Packer, 1st (butterfly); Jerod Schrank, 1st (breaststroke); Shane Crisp, 1st (2nd heat, breaststroke); Chandler Slyvester, 1st (2nd heat freestyle); Skyler Moore, 2nd (2nd heat, butterfly, backstroke and freestyle); Willie Conlin, 3rd (2nd heat, freestyle); Tyrone Moore, 3rd (2nd heat, butterfly); Sean Peters, 1st (3rd heat, butterfly); Joshua Frewin, 2nd (3rd heat, butterfly); Alex Korth, 3rd (3rd heat butterfly)

9-10 girls 25 yards

Taylor Gravill, 1st (butterfly and freestyle); Jamie Bilyk, 1st (2nd heat, breaststroke)

Sara DeWitt, 1st (2nd heat, freestyle); Allison Judd, 1st (2nd heat, breaststroke); Lindsay McCandless, 2nd (2nd heat, breaststroke and freestyle)

9-10 boys 25 yards

Tanner Golliglee, 1st (backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle); Nick Ford, 1st (butterfly); Cody York, 2nd (breaststroke and freestyle); Joey Conlin, 3rd (butterfly); Quintin Tank, 3rd (breaststroke)

11-12 girls 50 yards

Autumn Staszak, 1st (backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle); Brianna Quinlan, 1st (butterfly); Monique Heppler, 1st (2nd heat, freestyle); Alesha Huddlestun, 1st (2nd heat, breaststroke); Carina Peters, 1st (2nd heat, backstroke); Dawn Tucker, 1st (2nd heat, butterfly); Stephanie Bledsoc, 1st (3rd heat, backstroke, breaststroke); Heidi Haworth, 1st (3rd heat, freestyle); Caitlin Fruth, 2nd (2nd heat, freestyle); Melissa Garrett, 2nd (2nd heat, breaststroke); Sami Novak, 2nd (2nd heat, backstroke); Lanie James, 2nd (3rd heat, backstroke, breaststroke); Amanda Thompson, 2nd (3rd heat, freestyle)

11-12 boys 50 yards

Daniel McGee, 1st (backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle); Chris Carroll, 1st (butterfly); Noah Cardinael, 2nd (butterfly, backstroke and tie breaststroke); Christopher Bilyk, 2nd (tie breaststroke)

13-14 boys 50 yards

Brandon Boll, 1st (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle)

15-18 girls 50 yards

Malori Heppler, 1st (breaststroke, freestyle); Alicia Higginbotham, 4th (butterfly and backstroke)

15-18 boys 50 yards

Sterling White, 1st (butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle)

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