Community Has Much To Gain By Accepting People's Differences


In the July 11 issue, page 4A Mail Call section, Jan McQueen of Payson wrote a wonderful letter "Payson is no place for prejudice." I was saddened by the episode she described of prejudiced remarks regarding her new son-in-law who happens to be black. Jan is so right, prejudice has no place in a wonderful town like Payson.

Prejudice and discrimination are very negative factors that rob a community of valuable human resources. They also exact a terrible price in terms of hate, fear and irrational defensiveness. Prejudice blocks acceptance of individuals without even knowing who they are or what value they can offer in terms of friendship and caring.

I would hope all of us in Payson would look seriously at this issue and examine what motivates prejudice. There is so much to gain by accepting differences and diversity, whether that is racial, sexual orientation, ethnic background, religious affiliation or cultural heritage. We are all God's children let's embrace the variances created as a gift to share with each other.

Ron Peterson, Payson

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