Council To Consider Relaxing Water Regs For Event-Center Plan


There will be no advance workstudy debate on whether the Town of Payson should consider relaxing commercial water requirements to improve the town's multi-event center and stimulate commercial development on the south side of town.

The subject has gone straight to the agenda for Thursday's regular council meeting.

Although discussion was tabled due to lack of time at the last workstudy session two weeks ago, it has now taken the form of a Council Decision Request from Town Manager Richard Underkofler.

"We can have discussion on a council meeting agenda item, too," Mayor Ray Schum said. "Because we had no major things to discuss, I made the decision to move it from a workstudy session to a council session."

In the latest version of his proposal, Underkofler wants the council to "allocate and reserve up to 100 Equivalent Residential Units (75,000 gallons in any peak month) from the next source of new water supply developed by the Payson Water Department for potential commercial development" on the rodeo area land.

Underkofler, who wants to ultimately lease the multi-event center to a single developer, thinks the town's current water requirements are keeping interested investors at bay because they make it difficult for them to achieve a reasonable investment return.

To solve that problem, Underkofler's proposal seeks a "contribution-in-aid-of-construction" for an all-weather arena roof, paved vehicle parking areas, concessions, public rest rooms and related facilities in exchange for a long-term lease that would enable a developer to construct, operate or sublease commercial facilities on the premises and possibly result in a capital contribution in excess of $2 million.

"Without a privatization initiative such as this, the town council's contingency fund is likely to be consistently tapped out for continued enhancement of the Event center," Underkofler said.

The council meeting begins at 6 p.m. Thursday, July 27, in the council chambers at Town Hall, 303 N. Beeline Highway.

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