'You Can't Pick Your Neighbors'


I would like to have some questions answered about the handfuls of people who live in the Mazatzal Mountain Air Park who think that people with less money than they have, don't have the rights to live and dream of owning their own home in the land that we all call the land of the free, not the land of the rich.

1. You say that you are afraid that there could be an accident with your airplane and a car. What happens when two or more airplanes meet at the same time at the intersection? I for one believe that the airplanes should be towed by a vehicle to the airport. This would be the safest way and eliminate the possibility of a bad accident.

2. How many of these homes are lived in year-round? The affordable housing will house workers and consumers year-round that will benefit the town.

3. Are the airplanes ADOT-approved for residential roads, and if not, why are they allowed to use the roads?

4. Are the airplanes licensed by the (Motor Vehicle Division) and pay state taxes for using these roads?

5. Mayor Ray Schum, how many people in Mazatzal Mountain Air Park voted for you and how many low-income people voted for you? Think about it next election.

When I was young, I had a dream of owning my own home. I, too, started out with an affordable home and was happy because I was living the dream. Later on in life, my income improved and I moved into bigger and better homes, but if it wasn't for that first start, I wouldn't have had a dream come true. Let's not have a handful of people who live in the Mazatzal Mountain Air Park stop other people's dreams.

You can pick the house you want to live in, but you can't pick your neighbors.

Don Johnson, Payson

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