Illegal Crashes Car, Flees Near Golf Course


A 25-year-old Mexican national escaped serious injury early Saturday evening when he allegedly crashed his 1977 Honda Accord through the fence at Payson Golf Course and plummeted into American Gulch.
According to police reports, Antonio Aros was driving at excessive speeds throughout the neighborhoods near the golf course, and near the intersection of south Vista Road and Mesa Drive, when he lost control of his car.
By the time officers responded to the accident, they found the Honda abandoned in the gulch, but no sign of the occupant.
"We noticed there was blood in the car, indicating that the party was injured," Police Lt. Don Engler said. "We searched the area, and about a half mile upstream from the accident, we found the suspect."
Engler said police confirmed that Aros was the driver of the vehicle, and that he suffered minor injuries in the accident.
"He was treated by the Payson Fire Department, and was then taken to Payson Regional Medical Center," he said. "At the hospital, he was treated for a broken left thumb, an index finger, lacerations to his left ring finger and abrasions and bruises."
Although Aros claimed to have a Payson address, the lieutenant said Aros was denied a temporary driver's license due to his illegal residency status.
Aros was arrested on charges of leaving the scene of an injury accident, and for driving while under the influence of alcohol.

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