Secret To Controlled Growth As Simple As A Cracked Sidewalk


Town of Payson, rejoice. Jim Hulgan of Banning, Calif. has given us the secret to controlling our population growth bad sidewalks. As he states in his letter to the Editor on July 21, he has crossed Payson off his list of places to relocate because of the cracked and broken sidewalks in the Elk Ridge subdivision. Could controlling growth really be this simple? Perhaps a new policy could be enacted where any new sidewalks should be made to look old and cracked just after they are finished. Or possibly we could "age" some of our existing sidewalks in order to keep our population from increasing. Think of the possibilities!

I wonder what Mr. Hulgan would say about our many neighborhoods that have no sidewalks. He would probably find fault with something else. To dismiss a whole town because of the sidewalks in one subdivision is very short-sighted. Sidewalks aren't all they are "cracked up" to be.

Margie Menear, Payson

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