Time For Water Officials To Team Up For Regional Solution


Thank you for your article "Deep drillers strike water in Strawberry." Please let me call your attention to a fact that was omitted from your story.

Our county supervisor, Ron Christensen, has worked tirelessly without fanfare to get this project funded and implemented. If the project is successful, the credit should be given where credit is due.

In the past, he has invited the incorporated areas of our region and the private water utilities the Town of Payson, Brooke Utilities, etc. to join in a combined effort to solve the water situation in the Rim area. His invitations have been declined in the thinking that it's better to go it alone as individual voices than to have a combined team effort solve our area's water needs.

It is time for the adversarial positions of the various government entities and the water companies to cease, and begin to work with our county supervisor on a regional solution to our water concerns. It has always seemed that a group of people pulling on one end of a rope get the job done quicker and more efficiently than people pulling on the rope from all directions.

Ray Pugel, Pine

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