Affordable Housing A Noisy Proposition


Second class citizens!

Town and school employees, police officers, fire department and teachers will become targets of the mixed income/affordable housing project, proposed by a quiet well-known developer who has a social conscience.

The developer wishes to place them under the airport traffic patterns, really a very nice place to live. The approach pattern for runway 6 and the departure pattern for runway 24 go over this area. The 65DB noise pattern includes this area from the airport alone. The noise pattern of this area for approach and departure has not been plotted. The cost and engineering to do this would be very expensive.

There is enough noise over this area now, and as traffic increases so will the noise. A very nice place to raise a family? Late night shift from the PD, need sleep? If the city council changes the zoning from airport compatible to airport incompatible, it becomes very clear as to the social conscience of the council toward the second-class status of town employees.

Robert Elliot, in his wanderings through Payson, has not looked very far. He states "he does not see any (affordable housing), or at least he's not aware of any." What about Payson Pines (127 lots, with more to come), Stone Creek (130 lots an affordable paradise), both with park model or stick built at $99,900 to $166,900. The proposed development would be more of the same no water impact fees, no sewer development fee, no homeowner association fees.

The Town of Payson does not need to provide assistance for affordable housing. The developer can contact federal programs and designated banks for low-cost loans with fixed low-cost interest. He has to do this or the new homeowner can, but it takes a lot of research and time.

The problem still exists however, they may not finance a home under the noise pattern and flight paths to and from the airport. Loyalty to an employee who considers a "second class" citizen leaves a lot of questions also?

Commuter or shuttle service coming to Payson will add to the noise as an issue at Payson airport. The establishment of a Global Positioning System approach is the beginning of that service.

Gordon Holm, Payson

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