Council To Consider Easing Water Requirements For Affordable Housing


Mayor Ray Schum and the town's newly revised slate of councilmembers will preside over their first full town council meeting Thursday evening.

A request filed by Community Development Director Bob Gould seeks to approve the recommendations from the Housing Advisory Committee for the prioritization of housing strategies and the recommendation to raise the Equivalent Residential Unit limit to encourage affordable housing projects in Payson.

The water department has determined that one ERU consumes 7,500 gallons of water a month, and that is the figure the Community Development Department uses when it computes the demand for water from any project.

"What the Housing Advisory Committee is recommending is to allow more ERUs for affordable housing projects," Gould said. "In other words, to let developers pay the fee up to 40 units rather than make them find their own water."

Town Engineer LaRon Garrett has filed a request to award the bid for the $64,978.00 Spring 2000 Chip Seal project to Intermountain West Civil Constructors, Inc.

The three areas to be chip sealed are sections of Granite Dells Road, the Forest Park subdivision, and the Rodeo Rancho subdivision including West Country Club Drive.

"It should take approximately a week and a half to go through everything," Garrett said. "There will be no road closures and minimal delays.

The original budget for this year's chip seal was $290,000.00, Garrett said, of which approximately $44,000.00 has been used leaving a balance of $246,000.00.

Finally, three rezoning issues which earned prior council approval will go to readings and public hearings.

One of these will regard zone changes sought by F.P. Real Estate LLC, which would allow construction of Chaparral Lakes, a proposed 144-acre private gated community of 88 single-family residential lots averaging 41,900 square feet; a future adjoining development of 56 homes; and Tract W of Chaparral Pines Phase Two, which would connect the two developments located east of North Tyler Parkway.

The application was originally approved last year, Gould said.

"At the time, the applicant requested that we table the ordinance until they worked out some issues, but we're going back to the original ordinance with no changes or anything and just processing that to make the map amendments."

Another reading and public hearing will center on the Tonto National Forest administration site, which Gould has called "the one area of Payson where there is no zoning at all."

Gould's approved request asked that one portion of the unzoned site, 53 acres north of Highway 260 and owned by Eastern Arizona College, be zoned R-3, which colleges require; that the portion south of Highway 260 and north of Granite Dells Road, approximately 272 acres, be zoned R1-175 to allow one residential unit for every four acres; and that the 28-acre portion south of East Granite Dells be zoned open road.

Also back for public hearing is the council-approved rezoning application filed by local property owner Harold Corbin, owner of a 14-acre parcel near South Tyler Parkway which he wants to develop into a five-acre subdivision. Corbin seeks to change the parcel's zoning from R1-175 to R1-90 to allow for single family residential lots over 90,000 square feet.

The Payson Town Council meets in its chambers at Town Hall, 303 North Beeline Highway, at 6 p.m. Thursday, June 8.

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