Pine Customers Drying Up


The residents of Pine welcomed the new Plant Fair into town and supported it by buying beautiful flowers and shrubs. After a week of total lack of water all these flowers planted weeks ago have sizzled and died.

This was in response to the mandate by Broken Utilities that to water was to incur water shut offs, fines and big brother tactics by neighbors tattling on one another. No, Mr. Hardcastle, Brooke Utilities, I will not call you when my neighbor waters his garden or flowers, because that does not solve the problem.

We are cutting back and using all the shower water we can collect. We do not use the dishwasher and collect all dishwater to keep the garden alive. Flush less, quick showers all help.

I put a call in to Brooke Utilities in California last week asking about the aqueduct they promised when they gave the residents of Pine the 40-percent increase on our water bill. His response was very disappointing. "You cannot expect that aqueduct any way soon. We have to get major government funding before that happens." My response, "Well, what are you doing with the money from the 40-percent increase?" No response to that question, only that the water levels are way down from last year.

In the article on Pine water restrictions in the Payson Roundup they stated that Brooke Utilities hauled 500,000 gallons of water to Pine last year before Memorial Day. We are very dry and could use some more of that water right now. But what we really need and have needed for many years is a water company that will get the job done. The whole nation is very low on water but Pine and Mesa del have been paying the price for way too long. We must be progressive in this endeavor. Please, let us know what we can do to expedite a fair and lasting solution.

Pat Greiner, Pine

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