15-Ounce Rainbow Biggest At Trout Benefit


Three Christopher Creek anglers Chris Purtee, Terry Diehl and Don Rhodes managed to fish their way to top-three honors at the 17th Annual Christopher Creek/Kohl's Ranch Firebells Benefit Trout Tournament held May 6 at Woods Canyon Lake.

The 17-year-old Purtee finished as runner-up in the heaviest stringer contest, with 59.1 ounces, and was third in the biggest rainbow category, weighing in 13.9 ounces of fish.

Diehl finished third in the biggest rainbow (7.9 ounces) division and Rhodes was the bronze medalist in the heaviest stringer with a catch that tipped the scales at 55.8 ounces

Top honors for heaviest rainbow went to five-year-old Forrest Holquin for a lunker that weighed 15.1 ounces. Not far behind, in second place, was 9-year-old Joey Dmuchowski with a 13.9 ounce fish.

In the battle for biggest brown trout, Gerald Posey easily hooked first-place honors with a 23-ounce fish. John Robinette's 7.9-ounce catch was second best.

In the heaviest stringer category, Bill Walton took first with 60 ounces of fish.

According to tournament organizers, 97 fishermen entered the tournament and caught 347 trout weighing almost 143 pounds The good news for local residents is that the benefit earned more than $2,000 to purchase equipment and supplies for the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department.

Tournament organizers thank the Woods Canyon Lake store for help in hosting the tournament.

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