First, Stop The Killing At Home


Convicted murderer Ted Bundy was executed for killing two college sorority sisters and a 12-year-old girl. His hair is for sale on the Internet. John Wayne Gacy killed 27 young men and boys who he buried in the crawl space under his home. You can go to an Internet Web site and purchase some of the dirt that surrounded the victims' bodies.

If what people will buy can be a measure of a society's moral or mental health, then these, and nearly a thousand other murder-related items for sale on the Internet, should be a wake-up call for America.

For most of us, it is sickening to think that anyone would want to own a serial killer's fingernails or hair, but one of the most basic principles of business is supply and demand if there is a demand for a product, someone will supply it.

So the question is, what has created this demand?

It may be our indifference to violence or our implied acceptance of killing as a form of entertainment. A review of the top-selling movies and video games will reveal a carefully marketed environment of supply and demand. Movie goers and video game enthusiasts are swallowing up products filled with blood and killing as fast as Hollywood and game companies can produce them.

The solution to reduce the demand and fascination for such dark passions is not just in government legislation or limiting viewership with ratings codes. A change in the tide of violence has to start within the walls of our own homes. Parents and grandparents must decide that casual killing and death as entertainment will not be allowed to taint the minds of anyone living in their home young and old alike. Fathers should show their children by example that violence and killing are wrong. Parents should make available to their children a variety of wholesome alternatives such as sports, good books, family games, art, positive music and other activities.

Unfortunately, too many children and adults have become addicted, or desensitized, to what movie and game companies are peddling.

The very idea of people purchasing items belonging to violent killers should be motivation enough for all of us to want a change. Every home needs a person who is willing to take a stand. Will it be you?

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