Gun Control Can Be Big Business


Do we always know where our money is going and do we care where it goes? I like to think I decide where I spend my money, but occasionally I have found that I am surprised what my money is used for.

Last week I had one of those surprises when I learned from a National Rifle Association publication that Sprint, my long-distance telephone carrier, got through funding a successful campaign to derail legal concealed carry in Missouri.

(I'm dropping the company) because I don't want to see the Second Amendment destroyed. Our Founding Fathers based their freedoms and liberties on the Second Amendment. NRA membership supports the Second Amendment and does not want it eroded. Thank you, NRA, for informing the public.

It is not my desire to assist in the funding of issues that will be to my disadvantage. I want to be on an equal footing when a criminal approaches to do me harm, or better yet, prevent a confrontation by their knowledge or suspicion that I may be as well armed as they are.

Is your money going where you want it to go? Exercise your control.

Estell Allen, Payson

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