Home Owners, Officials Rid Neighborhood Of Fire Hazard


Mission accomplished. The greenbelts in Payson North Unit IV, (which had become overgrown fire hazards) are now clean of all fuel-loading material, and we are at peace of mind knowing everything humanly possible has been done to help.

(We think this effort could) not only save our home, but those of all our friends and neighbors in unit IV. In the event of an emergency, it will help our fire department's response time and (provide it with) easier access to the back of our homes.

Our only regret is that we were not able to get federal aid, but we felt it was well worth the try. In five to 10 years, the greenbelt will need to be maintained, at which time we could apply for federal aid to compliment (the Payson North Unit IV Homeowners Association's) reserve fund account.

We wish to extend our thanks and appreciation for the help and courtesy shown to us by: Officer Scott Hunt and Officer Jim Downey of the Arizona State Land Department Fire Management Division and Payson Fire Chief John Ross, Assistant Fire Chief Don Rose, and Fire Marshal Jack Babb.

These gentlemen met with us at our request, checked the greenbelts in unit IV and sent us written assessments of the condition of the area regarding wildfire conditions that could endanger our properties.

We appreciate Governor Jane Hull for forwarding our letter to Commissioner Michael Anable of the State Land Department Fire Management Division, and Commissioner Anable for referring us to several possibilities for federal aid. Thank you to Payson Town Manager Richard Underkofler for meeting with us, and (for referring us) to the Payson fire chief.

Bruce Wilson, president of Payson North Unit Three, was also a great help to us. Bruce was there for us anytime we called.

And our thanks go to Sue Tasso, president of Marchand Company, (which cleaned out the greenbelt) for a job well done.

Lester R. and

Margaret E. Burton, Payson

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