Town Leaders Aren't Looking Out For Residents' Interests


We residents of Payson seem to elect mayors and councilmembers who really do nothing for the majority of the townspeople. Most everything they do, or consider doing, benefits or impresses the flatlanders or the more affluent population.

Example No. 1: The proposal to add more lanes to the intersection of highways 87 and 260. They really aren't needed except on weekends when the people from the south arrive.

Example No. 2: To add curbs, gutters and sidewalks to Airline from McLane to the Airport entrance. This surly isn't to benefit anyone except the dozen or so pedestrians who may walk this stretch over the period of maybe a year. It's to impress the big money people who fly into Payson in their planes and corporate jets.

We have need for sidewalks in many other locations in town, which would make it much safer for residents, especially the kids. How about Bonita Street from the high school to Highway 87 or Frontier Street between St. Phillips and Mud Springs. Sidewalks are badly needed in those locations for safety of the kids.

Example No. 3: Water runoff control. They allow people to build homes on hillsides above existing homes, without any guidelines or codes that call for the placement of rain gutters and drainage pipes from these gutters to designated drainage ditches or street drains. (This can cause) water to run down the hill to the lower homes.

When I voiced my complaint to Town Hall, they sent a person out to view the situation. She told me that my neighbor may have broken a law, but the town doesn't regulate such matters, and I would have to take it up with my neighbor.

Couldn't the town check for such violations during the final inspection of the house instead of forcing one neighbor to sue another?

Along with this, you don't have a representative to voice your complaint. We should have districts with a council person elected to each district, someone who lives in the district and cares about the needs of that district.

Until this happens, we will not have true representation, things will remain the same and most of the town department managers will sit up on their pedestals and do nothing to really help the citizens.

The Roundup asked people if there would be any change with the new council. The majority answered no.

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