Kudos To Columnist For Defending Public Education


Coaches and teachers from around the Rim country were surely standing and cheering for Stan Brown after reading the Roundup columnist's "What's Right With America" series entry published June 13.

Brown had the courage to step to the forefront and defend public education as "America's great equalizer."

In today's society of ill-informed soothsayers who lie in wait, eager to take a vindictive stab at public education, Brown's stand is commendable.

In his column, Brown wrote, "Complaining and withdrawing support, voting down bond issues or sending children to private schools not only undermines this fundamental American institution, but might be considered un-American."

Bravo, Mr. Brown.

He also wrote, "America will be greater as we push to raise the whole level of public education, but America will be weaker if we do not raise it for everyone together."

Brown goes on to describe public education as "something unique and precious."

He also laments the fact that many teachers are "giving up their profession in the face of disrespectful children."

Most teachers and coaches in Payson, and around the country, would echo the feelings of the retired minister and local historian.

Public education has more than its share of know-nothing critics some of them in the state legislature but few of those naysayers have ever stepped into the classroom or onto the athletic field.

Most of those who criticize so freely offer no solutions and know little of the great devotions of most public school teachers and coaches.

Thankfully, enthusiastic men like Stan Brown are around to offer an insightful and refreshing look at some of the problems occurring in the nation's public schools.

New champ

The good news at the Tonto Apache Reservation is that young Matt Johnson has been declared the Arizona Junior Olympic state champion in the 1500 meter race/walk and has qualified for a berth in the Region 10 championships July 13 in Pueblo, Colo.

At the USA Track and Field State Championships held June 9 at Glendale College, Johnson was disqualified.

Swim team

Daily practice schedule

Weekdays, June 12 through Aug. 4)

6:30 a.m. to 7:45 a.m., 13 to 18

7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., 11 or 12 and 9 and 10

8 a.m. to 8:55 a.m., all 8 or younger

Swimmers may be placed in different practice slots at coaches' discretion.

Swim Meet Schedule

June 24: Ahwatukee, home

July 1: Holiday, no meet

July 8: Cottonwood, home

July 15: Prescott Valley, home; also Kingman, away/optional

July 22: Kingman, home; also APRA at ASU, away/optional

July 29: Sedona, home

Aug. 5: Cottonwood Invitational, away/optional

Parks and Recreation does not sanction out-of-town swim meets and cannot provide transportation to or supervision at out-of-town events. All participation at out-of-town events is solely the responsibility of the individual swimmer and his/her parents.

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